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As thanks, I wanted to do a little giveaway… but with a twist.

This one gives you the opportunity to have your OC play a role in Ask King Sombra! YOUR CHARACTER WILL BE CANON. ..tothisblog

In the next arc of updates, we’ll get to peek into the flashbacks of Coffee Talk, Sea Breeze and Drizzle. Which means seeing a lot of ponies wandering around in their lives. …One of which YOU COULD BE!

Overall, there will be 17 lucky winners! But there’s different levels.


Your OC will have some sort of relationship to Coffee Talk, Sea Breeze or Drizzle. Maybe they’re CT’s best friend, or an old fling of Sea Breeze’s, or they were Drizzle’s babysitter! The possibilities are endless. Your character will be featured in multiple panels and have a speaking role!


Your OC will appear in an update as a cameo character and be referenced by name! They might even get a line of dialogue. 


Your OC will appear in the background of an update!



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May the odds be ever in your favor.


Well, might as well give this a try I suppose, might bring more askers to my lil’ blog!

Also included is the requested picture of my OC, done by the talented artist HeatWave from the Equestria Daily RP chatroom in IRC!

A picture of Vanilla Peppermint, my OC, drawn by the talented HeatWave from the Equestria Daily RP group on IRC chat!

Apex: How much would ALL the treats cost?

Uhm… that would take a loooooong time to count! Besides, I can’t sell all my candy to only one pony! Everypony deserves to have candy too!

"I would like you to pick a sweet for me. Choose a sweet that you think suits me. I'm in the mood for a random treat today."

How about one of my latest creations? It’s a candy made from Poison Joke, it’s mainly for practical jokes since there’s a cure readily avaliable at the Spa, it’s a tasty treat with a funny surprise! 

If you were to create a candy with me as your inspiration, what would it be?

Hmmm… I would say a star shaped candy, blue in color, with sugar sprinkled on top, to make it look like a starry night sky! I think that sounds rather tasty! 

If it's not too personal, do you have a special somepony in your life?

Well… I… kind of do… yes… but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to tell who it is! So… it’ll be a secret for now! XD

Do you have a special recipe for amazing type of candy?

Of course I do! But I can’t share it! It’s a recipe only known to the Peppermint family line and I’m forbiden to pass it to anypony but my descendants, sorry!

If you could have any candy in the world, and can only pic one. Whitch one would you pick.

Oh… geez… that’s a tough one… I like all the candies, and to choose one and forsake the others? I can’t do that! I’d have to be MAD to do something like that! D:


Survival in Estrosian Territory.

Tip: Remember, teamwork is the best way to eliminate big or powerful foes, good strategies are very useful too.

The Elements of Discord: The Bearer Guide.

Rule 24: Your Element is not powered by Magic, is pure Energy that needs to be used. 

Ponies featured:

Haha! I made a cameo appearance! WOOHOO! :D


Just an announcement for all you ponies out there!

Despite the fact that my name is a type of food, and I may look like I’m made out of marshmellow, I am NOT, in fact, food! So stop chewing on me! For Celestia sake! Stop it! D:

What's the oddest candy you've ever made?

Oddest candy? I can’t really recall it at the top of my mind, but I do remember one time when I tried to make a sour and sweet candy with lemons, sadly, it was a little too sour… Suffice to say that a friend of mine had to eat through a straw for a week after giving it a try.